Rose Cut Blue Grey Sapphire with Diamond Accents

Rose Cut Blue Grey Sapphire with Diamond Accents in 18kt White Gold


Rose Cut Large Blue Grey Sapphire set in an 18kt White Gold beaded split shank multi- prong setting with Diamond Accents. The sapphire is 24.82 ct with .16 ct diamonds in the prongs. This ring is designed and handmade by artisan jewelry artist, Suzy Landa. Per Suzy, “These sapphires are ROSE CUT, meaning that they’re flat on the bottom and domed and faceted on the top. Traditional sapphires are cut flatter on top and with a culet (the point) below and facets all around so that light is reflected/refracted in such a way as to give the stone the most color and luminosity when you view it from the top. These stones are mined in Africa. The bonus of stones like these is that you get a LOT of look for the money. The rough material is of lower quality than the traditional stones most customers are familiar with, but they’re really excellent in their own right; in my opinion, BECAUSE of the imperfections, not in spite of them. They’re rough material but cut really beautifully. A gem quality sapphire in this size would likely not exist, and if it did, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, 90% of sapphires are heated to enhance the color. However, the rose cut African material is not touched at all. It’s totally natural. I love that about them. So each piece is always one-of-a-kind because the natural properties are so unique.”

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Suzy Landa Jewelry Design

Suzy Landa believes fine jewelry should be fun jewelry with precious stones that may be worn every day.  Her collection reflects a combination of high-end materials mixed with practical wearability.  The jewelry is elegant, yet comfortable; contemporary, but not trendy; timeless, and yet totally without pretension.  Equal parts playful and elegant, Suzy Landa's jewelry marries... Read more

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