STATEMENT EARRINGS start with a bang!

statement earrings in turquoise, 14kt gold with diamonds Suzy Landa

Statement earrings from Suzy Landa – turquoise!


Statement earrings make you look your best from the start.

When you want to make a style statement, think about Statement Earrings.”  While necklaces are known for being big and bold, your earrings speak too! When your neckline has plenty to say, or you are wearing your hair in a lovely up-do or long and loose, STATEMENT EARRINGS can carry the day.   When you think about it, the first thing people are drawn to is your face.  Make a bold statement of style with some great earrings. These  earrings of turquoise cabochon with diamond accents bring a pop of color and a bold turquoise statement, from the studio of Suzy Landa.

Statement earrings Lilly Barrack sterling and peridot

From Lillie Barrack, sterling, peridot and beryl

Handcrafted  is always STATEMENT jewelry – statement earrings included.

We often think RINGS when we think of Lilly Barrack, but there are also lovely pendants and  exquisite statement earrings in her collection,  like these with peridot, lime zirconia and beryl in sterling silver.  You will find plenty of color combos, with lovely rings to go-with, if you are a matching kind of gal.  Pendants too.  These go quick – and by nature are one of a kind, so come get!

Statement earrings in red, Andrea Barnett

Andrea Barnett’s bold red earrings.

Splash COLOR with  statement earrings!

Jewelry artisan Andrea Barnett has beautiful earrings of all shapes and sizes.  How about these striking red carnelian drops to add a big splash of color?  You’ll find every color in our earrings page, from pale champagne to bold red, along with the very popular red-brass medals and drops made of delicate chains and stones, from Andrea Barnett.

All plenty of great reasons to use your EARRINGS to get your look off to a smashing start!  We have plenty of handcrafted earrings to make a bold fashion move with statement earrings!