Hand-hammered metal marries ancient technique and new design


Hand-hammered equals handcrafted!

Hand Hammered silver bars with apatite stones, earrings by Laura J Designs

Silver bars with apatite beads

Hand-hammered metal is a hallmark of handcrafted jewelry.   Laura J Designs uses hammering for texture and shape to create delightful pieces of silver and vermeilHand-hammered metal is the original, ancient way to make jewelry.   (Use hammer loosely here – think rock)  With sophisticated tools available,  hand-hammered technique is thriving.

Hand-hammered sterling silver necklace with faceted blue topaz pendant

Sterling circles and faceted blue topaz pendant.

The Hammer still falls!

The jewelry hammer is found in virtually every jewelry design studio.  It’s a versatile a tool with heads of varied sizes and materials,  designed to  create remarkable jewelry.

Jewelry Artisan Laura Jackson of Laura J Designs uses the hand-hammered technique to achieve subtle texture. The Justine necklace of  hand- hammered silver and vermeil circles shows the power of texture.

Hand-hammered silver and gold circle pendant

Justine, Mixed metal circles on a delicate chain from Laura J

Why HAND-Hammered?

Hand-hammering is key. Artists work with metal to coax shape and texture, adding stones. VOILA! Beautiful hand-hammered jewelry!   The sterling silver circles and ovals in this exquisite necklace with the blue topaz drop   wasn’t made by a machine, nor was this labradorite and gold-filled necklace.  Those golden double circles felt the touch of the artisan’s finely honed hand-hammered technique.

Hand hammered vermeil bars with green amethyst crystals earrings

Green amethyst drops from  vermeil bars.

Don’t forget EARRINGS! Hand-hammered texture is alluring

Texture  changes the way  light works with metal.   These hand-hammered silver earrings with apatite accents shimmer with subtle beauty of texture. The hand-hammered face of the gold-fill bars with green amethyst crystal   equals fabulous.  Rutilated Quartz is a beautiful stone; the hand hammered  vermeil discs make it an original.

Come pick out your jewelry of hand-hammered metals –  light, texture and hand -crafted beauty.