SIlver & Gold hand hammered Together? Sana Doumet says YES!

Hand hammered sterling and 14kt gold necklace

Hand hammered floating necklace

Silver and gold, meet the hand hammered method!

Jewelry artisan Sana Doumet uses sterling silver and 18kt gold together,  with a hand-hammered technique that produces dramatic contemporary jewelry.  Bracelets, earrings and necklaces are hand hammered into beautiful pieces that marry gold and silver, and enhance any look.  For those of us who think we must wear silver OR gold, that rule is tossed out the window.  Here we see its fusion in single pieces of jewelry, but beautiful metals work together, however you choose to wear it.  Be bold! Be contemporary and classic!  Gold and silver will work for you!hand hammered gold and sterling silver bracelet

What can the hand hammered technique do for earrings?

It can make them fabulous – fabulous with texture and shape. Look closely to see the contours that the hand hammered technique makes. These earrings are versatile – wear with jeans, out on the town, or to work.   And be ready to share – your mother, your daughter, your sister – everyone is going to want to borrow your stunning new jewelry just for a special occasion.  That’s how jewelry acquires its story!

hand hammered silver and gold earrings

Hand hammered rings…a silver and gold beauty!

hand hammered mixed metal ring

Silver and gold ring

Even in a piece as small as a ring, it takes the practiced artistry of an artisan and a handheld hammer to create such a classic, modern and compelling design.  These stunning pieces of heirloom quality jewelry  from Sana Doumet are sure to be treasured.  This  jewelry can be worn with jeans or with a ball gown, and still cause a stir.  Come and see our hand hammered jewelry from Sana Doumet.