Andrea Barnett’s LONG necklaces

5016_largeAndrea Barnett is well known and loved for her necklaces that feature exquisite red-bronze medals .  We are especially loving the  long necklaces that  layer with other necklaces, taking advantage of the elongating effect – the long necklace makes you look long, lean and lovely!  Win-Win-Win! The intricate carving in the turquoise stations make this 36″ long necklace with gorgeous medal a treasure.There are 30″ long necklaces with medals on silk cord accented with beads.  The Royal blue with silver bead accents and two medals is a favorite!

5022_largeBeautiful glass pearl rosary chains (about 36″) with different crosses are delicate and delightful, alone or with another necklace.   All must-haves!


This necklace-of-many-layers – it’s already done for you – seven strands, chains and rosary style strands, pearls, multi-layered chains with a beautiful bronze medal – and it’s a fabulous, rich look!

What  a beautiful way to change up your look by adding a piece of jewelry!

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