Art Deco Jewelry- Gatsby Revival!


art deco style 14kt gold aquamarine cocktail ring and pendant

14kt gold, diamonds and aquamarine art deco style jewelry

Art Deco style is classic

Art Deco style in architecture and fashion has its roots in the Roaring Twenties.  Julie Romanenko with Just Jules has designed exquisitely detailed earrings and pendant necklace in 14 kt gold with diamond briolettes, and a bold geometric ring with rectangular flat aquamarine.   Art Deco continues to inspire jewelry artisans today – bold colors, rich decoration, symmetry  and linear,geometric shapes.

Art Deco style is linear and lavish.



Art Deco crystal dangle earrings

Crystal dangle earrings

Beautiful crystal prism dangle earrings are handcrafted by Fahrenheit NY, these and their exquisite statement necklaces reflect a style that is at once modern and influenced by Art Deco.

Art deco style chandelier earrings from Andrea Barnett

Garnet chandelier earrings

Andrea Barnett’s garnet earrings reflect the beauty of rich red garnet with the geometric echo of Art Deco.  These beautiful chandelier style earrings are the definition of “dripping with jewels.”

Art Deco style is architectural and modern – with sparkle to spare


Art Deco style earrings marcasite pearl

Marcasite and pearl earrings from Carol Lipworth

Carol Lipworth’s earrings reflect the intricacy and sparkle of the Gatsby years.  These earrings of marcasite and pearl are as pretty today as they would have been in the Roaring ’20s.   Does anything remind you of the Chrysler Building in New York?

The Great Gatsby, set right

in the middle of the most lavish lifestyle of the Roaring Twenties, reminds us of the lasting beautify of Art Deco.   Jay Gatsby had it all, New York was roaring, and the rum was running.  Life was a party and everyone got dressed up!  Come and get yourself some Art Deco style jewelry and pretend that Jay Gatsby gave it to you.