Jewelry Design in the Dark Ages

The Dark Ages?
In more than one place one can read about the Middle Ages being the ‘Dark Ages’, a time where intellectual progress stagnated, even regressed. Knowledge became the possession of the church and anybody disagreeing with the catholic dogma was prosecuted. Artwork took a fall compared to the antique world of the Romans and Greeks. But, is this the whole truth? Were the Middle Ages a completely uninteresting period in which no innovations took place and no beautiful jewelry was produced? The answer to that question is a firm ‘no!’

The term ‘Middle Ages’ is derived from Renaissance writers glorified the Greeks and Romans for their intellectual achievements and art work. To them, the period that lay between their own time and that of the Romans was an intermediate period. A period in which knowledge lay dormant, technical innovations where of marginal importance and people lived under the yoke of the church. Today, looking back on history without having to distance ourselves from any ‘Dark Ages’ we can see a whole different era. A period in which innovations were made, a time in which supreme craftsmanship was executed and mind blowing jewelry continued to be produced.

dark ages