Valentine’s Day in the Raw – Raw Diamonds!

Raw diamonds are the same stone as the strikingly clear and multi-faceted stone we often think of first when we hear the word “diamond.”  Raw diamonds are rough-cut from the larger stone, but are not shaped further with reflective facets, nor are they polished.  Diamonds occur in many colors, and all of them are seen in jewelry as raw diamonds.  The raw diamond is striking, and often used to set off another stone.

Urban Links Designs has used raw diamonds to craft some exquisite jewelry.  Labradorite dangle earrings are accented with a cluster of raw diamonds, black spinel, and sterling silver.  In this striking necklace, raw diamonds, blue topaz, kyanite and apatite come together with labradorite for a great statement piece. The delicate chandelier style earrings use raw diamonds and other stones to highlight the beauty of apatite and the intricate work with bead-like stones.   Raw diamonds too can be your best friend for beautiful and and unusual jewelry from artisan studios like Urban Links Designs.