Robert Held Collect – Light and Color in Glass!

In shape, size, color and design Robert Held’s hand-blown artisan crafted vases are remarkable ….and collectible.

The Peacock design on iridescent aubergine glass is a beauty!  These Ginger Pot vases in cobalt and sky blue, as well as the classic blue vase  showcase Held’s well known Meadow design – an array of colors and glow created in the glassblowing process.  The Giverny design is striking on lime green and on blue.    The Mosaic design is featured onthe long neck flask and the posey vase, with a great impact. Last but not least, Robert Held’s well-loved collectible classic, Red Poppies is lovely on the cylinder vase as well as on the flat vase.

Whatever your choice, a Robert Held vase is a true collector’s item, with limited production this year as he retires.  We invite you to take a look at the  Collection of Robert Held at Artisan Design Gallery and take home the pieces that will long be valued and loved for their beauty, intricacy, vivid color and the sheer artistry of handblown glass.