Raw stones? Lilly Barrack uses them!

When you hear the term “raw” in connection with jewelry…..doesn’t add up.  Stones are cooked, basted, boiled or roasted, so aren’t they all raw?  RAW when it refers to stones in jewelry typically means NOT POLISHED.  A RAW stone has been cut from a larger stone, but is not shaped, polished or faceted.  You see it cut to fit the jewelry, but in its raw state, no polished to be clear or shiny, and no shaped sides to further reflect light.

Raw stones are beautiful in their own right.  Well loved jewelry designer Lilly Barrack uses raw stones set in sterling silver in these cocktail rings.  The rose quartz and the freshwater pearl in the beautiful pink ring, and the aquamarine stone set in silver with lime zirconia in the lovely blue and green ring are in their raw states.  The tumbled peridot ring highlights the raw peridot stone, set in silver with lime zirconia and golden beryl.  Lilly loves to use the raw stone in combination with highly polished silver and other polished stones to showcase the beauty, color and clarity of the raw stone.