Are pearls right for this situation?

That burning question….”Can I wear THIS piece of jewelry to THIS occasion?”  When pearls are involved, the answer is always a resounding YES!  Pearls go with everything. Whether naturally occurring or man made, pearl glass beads or interesting colors and shapes, pearls are always right.  The jewelry artists at Angel Court have created this contemporary classic necklace of glass bead pearls of different sizes, crystals and mixed metal chains –  guaranteed to complement any outfit you choose.  Wear your  pearls with your very best dinner-out ensemble, your jeans, on errands, to a wedding, to a business meeting… the list goes on. Lilly Barrack often uses freshwater pearls in her popular jewelry.  This beautiful sterling silver ring with rose quartz and pearls is an instant hit, flattering to all.      Andrea Barnett combines coin these stunning bronze pearls with crystals and colored stones combine to make an exquisite necklace,   Jewelry artisan Elisabetta Ricciardi uses  white, moonstone and taupe crystals to accent this pearl bracelet.  The pearl’s  translucent beauty often reflects the glow of the wearer’s skin.  Caroline Pate’s chandelier earrings of tiny freshwater  pearls are natural beauties.    These simple earrings of natural freshwater pearls – white and taupe – with cubic zirconia accents from Carol Lipworth‘s artisan jewelry studio are the perfect example of versatile, classic jewelry.  You simply can’t go wrong with pearls!