What is Druzy?

Druzy is a glittery coating of crystals directly on another stone.  It occurs naturally on the surface or in cracks of another stone. Tiny quartz crystals cover the stone, resulting in a sparkling appearance that makes a dramatic piece of jewelry.

Jewelry artisan Meg Galligan of Margaret Elizabeth has used druzy in a white druzy pendant necklace  ,  a charcoal druzy bangle braceletgray druzy pendant, and an exquisite bracelet with druzy teardrops.

Cynthia Bloom’sSilver Gray Druzy Necklace (1") beautiful druzy pendants are perfect examples of druzy’s glittery impact. Different colors can occur naturally as druzy, or it can be dyed, like this necklace from Cynthia Bloom,   Blue Green Druzy Necklace (3/4") In these pieces, the surface of the stone looks like it has been scattered with stony glitter.

When the surface of the druzy stone has been polished, the glittering effect of the druzy is still seen beneath the polished surface.  Check out Miller Canning’s agate druzy necklace!

Whether it has a rough surface or a polished surface, is spelled druzy or drusie,you will love the glittering starstruck look of this beautiful jewelry stone.