Cocktail Rings – Fashion Trend with a big Punch

Cocktail rings are  your wardrobe’s best of friends. They are stylish and current, and very on-trend.  Did we mention classic and elegant.    The cocktail ring, which can be any size, shape, color or material, has complimented many women’s hands and many beautiful outfits through the generations.

The thing about the cocktail ring is this – you get a lot of LOOK with a beautiful ring.  Jewelry artist Lilly Barrack is renowned for her beautiful mixture of interesting stones and sterling silver.   If you just had a fabulous manicure, what better way to call attention to it than with a bold and beautiful ring?This Iridescent Blue Sunflower Button ring from Cynthia Bloom’s artisan workroom will do the trick – from   Do you need  a pop of color? Let’s add this striking blue kyanite  ring from jewelry artist Caroline Pate to bring up the volume?   Are you one of the ladies of style who seem to talk with your hands?  Let’s add an exclamation point to that with this  stunning Blue Moon Cocktail Ring from the studio of Margaret Thurman at Echo of the Dreamer!   Or maybe, you’re just feeling the need for some bling! Try Elisabetta Ricciardi’s crystal ring with pearl accents.  It’s MAJOR.