Stacked Bracelets!

Edited: Giveaway over, but here is great info about bracelet beauty and the art of stacking!

Bracelets!  In a stack – yes, a stack, a group, a mixed set – whatever you choose to call it – of three bracelets. Wear each alone, one at a time, or as a stack of three. Combine with some bracelets you already have. Voila! New looks to mix and match!

The cable bangle is from Angel Court Jewelers, two good friends who design and produce beautiful, edgy but classic jewelry. The two leather bracelets with silver accents are from the studio of  jewelry artisan Elisabetta Ricciardi, native of Italy.    Individually, they are fabulous, together – spectacular!

Angel Court Jewelers has created a huge style variety of bracelets, including a stack of bangles that looks a lot like the single one that is part of this giveaway, as well as some really sassy necklaces and earrings. There is a vintage edge to many of their pieces, because they use….vintage elements. Easy. They also create some jewelry wardrobe classics, that will flatter all of us. So, if you want a pair of pearl earrings that will go with yoga pants and a cute  tee and look just as stunning with your  jeans, sequin tank and leather jacket for a night out – these are for you.

Italian artisan Elisabetta Ricciardi has classic pieces, trendy pieces and also a lot of sparkly blingy things. She designs for all of us – from the girly gal who always wants to shine, to the stylish lady who wants jewelry that takes her from daytime to evening with a switch of lipstick. Great cocktail rings, shiny earrings, a variety of bracelets, and of course necklaces for any of us are designed and made in Elisabetta’s studio.

All entries are made on SixSistersStuff blog , and there are lots of ways to win these bracelets – so pay them a visit for the details.  (Giveaway over, but the Six Sisters have some fun ideas and great recipes!)