Andrea Barnett Giveaway!

EDITED:  The giveaway is closed. Plenty of examples of gorgeous Andrea Barnett jewelry still here!

A GiVEAWAY is  a fun way to get in the mood for Holiday Shopping!  We  partnerned with @ClemsonJenn (for you Twitterers out there) and her blog Clemson Girl and the Coach to give away a beautiful  Andrea Barnett bracelet.  The bracelet

is fabulous alone or in a stack – so stylish is the stack, you may want to add one in with some of your own bracelets.  This celadon one is lovely, and we have more in flattering, classic colors and stones, all with a signature bronze medal, from Andrea Barnett!

Andrea Barnett’s jewelry is stunning!  She has created a whole line of jewelry with  medals, many in red bronze, which is essentially bronze with a high copper content to give it a pink glow that flatters every skin tone.  There are some great earrings with these same medals, as well as necklaces and  bracelets including the serpentine bracelet with medal, which also is available with pearls.     In addition to the lovely pieces with the very popular medals, there are exquisite pieces  with pearls and colored stones that highlight your pretty skin and great clothes!

You may be in the midst of your holiday shopping, just getting started, or still working on your own wardrobe – whatever you are looking for, a lovely piece or two from Andrea Barnett will be sure to give you the classic, stylish look you seek.

Our giveaway with Jenn at  Clemson Girl and the Coach was fun for lots!    Shop  while you are here looking around.  There are earrings, bracelets and necklaces to enhance anyone’s look in Andrea Barnett’s handcrafted  collection.