Pantone’s Colors: Rose Quartz & Serenity

Pantone’s Colors : Rose Quartz & Serenity For 2015 Pantone’s colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity (blue), per Pantone, the color authority. Notable:  first time TWO, yes two, colors have been named.  According to Pantone, here’s the scoop on this year’s color choice. “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a… Read more »

Build a Jewelry Wardrobe: Simple Studs

WhoWhatWear  has a great article about How to Build your Daily Jewelry Wardrobe.  Your  JEWELRY wardrobe basics, akin to your black pants, white shirt, great jeans, fabulous blazer, are those pieces you call on in any situation.  Fabulous alone, and fabulous with other pieces. Build your jewelry wardrobe: simple studs   Classic stud earrings can be… Read more »

Summer to Fall Transition: Turquoise

Summer to fall transition: start with  turquoise Summer to fall transition time knocks, and turquoise answers. Jewelry gives great summer-to-fall style when the weather says summer, but the calendar says fall.  Unique handcrafted jewelry with a turquoise pop can make stunning looks in your transitional wardrobe. Summer to fall transition at your fingertips Make a… Read more »

Hand-size Bowls by Mary Rose Young

Hand-size bowls by Mary Rose Young Fabulous handcrafted, hand-painted and hand-size bowls are here!  Often called “noodle bowls” these ceramic bowls fit perfectly in your hand (about 5″ in diameter) , just the right size for a “noodle bowl” which Cooking Light magazine calls “the world’s most perfect one-dish meal.”  Since all the handcrafted pottery… Read more »

What is druzy jewelry? It’s fabulous!

What is druzy jewelry? What is druzy jewelry and why do you want it in your jewelry wardrobe?  First,  the druzy stone is sparkle and flash! In the eye of the beholder, it looks like sugar crystals sprinkled on a gorgeous gemstone.  It’s not sugar, but it is crystalline, formed when water evaporates from the surface… Read more »

Chic Jewelry for your Winter Weather Look

winter weather jewelry

  Though the snow is falling, and falling, and falling, reach for  JEWELRY accessories to maintain your  winter-weather professional look.  This article in the Boston Globe addresses the clash of professional attire and winter-weather-wear.  Maintain a professional profile wearing a down coat and snow boots with great jewelry.  Those of us whose workplace is “business… Read more »

Meet Suzanne of Q Evon Jewelry Design!

Q Evon Jewelry Design offers handcrafted textured metal and beautiful stones in wearable and collectible hand crafted jewelry.

SWAROVSKI crystals from AJS Designs

AJS Designs uses the artistry exclusive to Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals  are among the finest in cut glass crystals,  made, cut and polished by the Swarovski Company, made in Austria since the late 1800s. Antique or new, the Swarovski brand is  exquisite  in jewelry and other luxury items.  One of our favorite designers, Andrea Justine Stratton,… Read more »

NEW from Lilly Barrack

New treasures from Lilly Barrack!  Artisan designed and hand crafted,  Lilly’s pieces are made of polished sterling silver and brilliant stones, some polished, others rough cut.  Take a peek at some  new things from Lilly Barrack. Distinctive Rings from Lilly Barrack Amethyst and Herkimer Diamonds come together in sterling silver in an exquisite statement ring!… Read more »

Stones glow in Lilly Barrack jewelry

Beautiful stones glow in sterling silver from the studio of artisan Lilly Barrack. They make your end-of -summer looks transition smoothly into fall fashion favorites.

Andrea Barnett: Jewelry for all Seasons

Andrea Barnett creates beautiful jewelry with richly colored stones, vintage chains, and red bronze medals that give your wardrobe a lift from season to season.

Incomparable Lilly Barrack – rings and more

Lilly Barrack designs beautiful jewelry from sterling silver, richly colored natural stones, pearls and synthetic stones. Well known for her dramatic cocktail rings, Lilly Barrack’s collection includes bracelets, pendants and earrings too.

Leather wrap bracelets – in living color

Leather wrap bracelets POP! Leather wrap bracelets are a versatile wardrobe addition wardrobe in any season. Wear alone or with hand-hammered cuffs or jingly charm bracelets  (Looking at YOU, Andrea Barnett) for a fresh new look.From Italian jewelry designer Elisabetta Ricciardi,  basic neutrals to wear all year long, or  yummy bright summer fun colors make this… Read more »

Angel Court Jewelry Sale!

Angel Court is in our summer Jewelry Sale All  our pieces of Angel Court Jewelry  are part of our big summer jewelry sale! We are thrilled to offer at reduced prices  the edgy and vintage look with a side order of “Classic” that comes from the studios of Courtney and Angela, aka Angel Court.  This necklace of chains and… Read more »


Wedding gifts of handcrafted and handpainted pottery from Mary Rose Young and Laurie Polpeter Eskanazi make a memorable treasure for the newlyweds.

Bridal Jewelry…. we have heirlooms- in- the- making!

Heirlooms are made with bridal jewelry Bridal jewelry is that which is worn on the wedding day – YES,  by the bride, but we know that every woman involved   wants to wear something to mark the day.  Start with champagne! Champagne pearls that is, earrings from Carol Lipworth . Heirloom jewelry is simply jewelry… Read more »

STATEMENT EARRINGS start with a bang!

STATEMENT EARRINGS make a bold fashion statement. They complement any neckline, and add a pop of color and style to any look.