Artisan Design Gallery: Who We Are

At Artisan Design Gallery, we showcase artisans that design jewelry and glass art, with unique pieces usually available only at niche boutiques, art galleries and fine craft shows. We wanted to have the ability to shop for original art at our convenience, without having to restrict our shopping to the times and dates that these specialty venues permitted.  Our featured artisans live and create all over the world, so we also wanted to provide a place where art lovers like ourselves could view the designs of many diverse artists in one place, rather than having to visit each artist at his or her respective location.  It was with these desires in mind that Artisan Design Gallery was born, showcasing the beauty, integrity and inspiration captured by the artisan community.

What Makes Our Original Art Unique?

A keenly important point of pride at Artisan Design Gallery is that rarely will you find two pieces exactly alike. You’ll notice that multiple products in certain artist lines will have common threads and similarities, but each will also have unique qualities if compared side-by-side.

As for our artists, you’ll also notice that each unique piece in our collection offers information about the artist and creator. If you are a collector yourself, you may already know many of these artists. If not, we hope you will find inspiration in the artists’ works as well as their stories and backgrounds.

Our Handmade Jewelry and Fine Glass Art

A common thread we embrace in our collection is color. Of course the glass art we collect comes in a rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes, but the majority of the jewelry on this site features vibrant colors as well. Part of our process when scouring the artisan community for high quality, custom jewelry is to find artists that use color in the beads, crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones that they use to create their jewelry. In fact, very few of our pieces will be just gold and/or silver.


As for the glass art, the intricacies of hand blown glass art, from bowls to vases and more, shines through because of the hours of dedicated craftsmanship applied to producing what you see in our collection. Capturing the art of glass is our priority, as well as offering you the opportunity to shop and explore some of the finest artisan art glass you’ll find anywhere.

The Artisan Design Gallery Family

At Artisan Design Gallery, we consider all of our artists, as well as each and every visitor to our site as part of our family.  Let us know what you would like to see at Artisan Design Gallery, and how we could improve our site and products to better suit your individual taste.  Your opinion is important to us, so we would love to hear your feedback.  Write on our blog or send us an email if you have a question or comment and follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see how we’re evolving!  We hope that you will continue to visit us as we grow and diversify, because each visit will unveil something new.  Our featured artisans are continually inspired to create new pieces, and we hope to keep you informed on the ever changing world of Artisan design.