Blue Montana Swarovski Crystal Hoops

Oxidized Silver Hoop Wire Wrapped with Swarovski Crystal Chain in 4 mm Blue Montana (Hoops 35mm) Artist: Winifred Grace

Winifred Grace

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Winifred Grace
  • CountryUnited States
  • InspirationHer undergraduate degree is in Spanish.
  • Tid Bit 2Her mother wore her early creations to the finest parties in Miami.
  • Tid Bit 3Winifred's dog is named Guffman, and often makes his way into photo shoots.

Winifred Grace

As a child in Miami, Florida, jewelry designer Winifred Grace Gundeck spent her days exploring the nature that surrounded her--finding beauty in the movement of rustling trees and palm fronds, the reflection of light off wanter and the texture of sand and seashells. At the age of 8, while other kids were selling lemonade, Winifred started making hand-painted barrettes and selling them to a local boutique.  Garnering rave reviews, she… Read More

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I love the high quality jewelry you offer. There are many selections and many artists which is I like. It's like visiting Sonoma, California, going around the main square, visiting small shops---only I can visit Artisan Design Gallery from home!


Love the unique works!


Keep up the good work of offering quality pieces at reasonable prices.


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Blue Montana Swarovski Crystal Hoops
Blue Montana Swarovski Crystal Hoops

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