Andrea Barnett shows off richly colored stones

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Andrea BarnettRed-bronze religious medals are popular  in the jewelry of artisan Andrea Barnett. Moss aqua quartz, bronze pearls and smoky quartz crystals make this  necklace  a stunning example of Andrea Barnett  designs of richly colored stones. Colored gemstones  sparkle,  splashing color as the seasons change.

Crystals and pearls -classic & delicate in the designs of Andrea BarnettAndrea Barnett

Winter and spring brides –  perfect for you! This delicate pendant necklace of crystals and pearls in vermeil on a chain with crystal and pearl accents is an elegant statement piece. Andrea Barnett Earrings use those same elements – rock crystal chandelier earrings are versatile, as are these vermeil circles with tiny pearls accents.

Andrea Barnett uses color to flatter !Andrea Barnett

This beautiful necklace has a pendant cascade of richly colored quartz with a distinctive toggle clasp will glow with all your fall looks!  Rich whiskey quartz  and topaz cluster earrings are a distinctive accent!  Andrea BarnettGarnet chandelier earrings are sophisticated and delicate.

Andrea Barnett masters  deep tones of jasper & agateAndrea Barnett

Large vintage chain with aqua terrine makes a striking statement necklace that looks fantastic year round. Double hand hammered  vermeil circles with blue agate are stylish and flattering earrings.  Chain cluster earrings are a favorite design of Andrea Barnett.  Andrea BarnettCheck them out, these have turquoise accents.

Andrea Barnett sees RED & orange carnelianAndrea Barnett

Carnelian is a stone of vibrant color – from deep red to glowing orange and all in between.  Andrea BarnettThese earrings with carnelian  give a pop of color to fall.   This long necklace (about 37″) is a beautiful vintage chain with carnelian stations.  It looks great alone or layered with other necklaces.

Andrea Barnett is a master artisan who knows how to showcase richly colored stones to make handcrafted jewelry that is stylish and classic.  Come pick a favorite piece from Andrea Barnett jewelry now.



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