We love Druzy – from Lilly Barrack & more!

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DRUZY = sparkle and flash

Lilly BarrackDRUZY , seen  in this from  Lilly Barrack, is  source of serious sparkle power.  Druzy is created when tiny quartz crystals  form  a rough surface on the surface of a gemstone. It may  also be discovered inside, when the stone is cut for jewelry.  The stones have a  ’sugar-crusted”  look – like starlight sparkling.  We have exquisite druzy creations from your favorite designers - many just in!  Come take a look!

Druzy makes a girl smile!Druzy

Beth is wearing an exquisite necklace from Cynthia Bloom with  a square druzy pendant on a delicate tourmaline rosary style chain.  Here, it’s layered with a longer necklace.Druzy

Do the same layering with Margaret Elizabeth’s white druzy  necklace, or a deep purple long pendant necklace .   Layer or wear alone.Druzy

Wear a Druzy necklace, make statement!


Carol Lipworth makes  statement necklaces that highlight the impact a druzy stone adds.  Dyed teal blue agate geodes with druzy equals a necklace with pop!  DruzyThe pendant necklace is chalcedony and smoky quartz on sterling silver.  The pendant  is polished smooth on one side, with shimmery druzy on the other –  wear either way!

Put Druzy  at your fingertips! A ring!


Front and center is the stunning  pearl and druzy ring set in sterling silver from  jewelry artisan Lilly Barrack.    Miller Canning has created a beautiful ring in  ruby red druzy, set in sterling.   From Miller, we have a similar ring in charcoal druzy.

Irresistable druzy earrings!Druzy

Margaret Elizabeth uses druzy  in  three-drop earrings. The aqua chalcedony has  druzy sparkle, in the others the druzy is pink, both set with  complimentary stones.  They’ll catch an eye with the sparkle druzy brings!

Druzy  Maya J  has shimmery oval teardrop earrings in deep blue-purple druzy !

Whether you are new to druzy or a druzy collector, check out our delightful – and sparkly – handcrafted Druzy jewelry!


American Horror Story – your Dress-up Fantasy.

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American Horror Story

American Horror Story Fantasy sparkles with Swarovski crystals

An uber-stylish, edgy,  fun and flattering fantasy look -easily modified for any occasion- can be modeled on the  ladies  (witches, but they don’t really want it public knowledge) from  TV’s trendy American Horror Story: Coven.  Ladies, let’s dress like a glam present day….ummmm….witch.  Pick your persona –  Fiona? Cordelia? Zoe? the mysterious Madame LaLaurie?

American Horror Story

A la American Horror Story, this witchy woman wears a basic black dress with  shoes, bag and scarf from Alexander McQueen.  Jewelry,  sparkly with Swarovski crystals -  ring and  earrings  make for a mystical style that only makes you look your best.  This jewelry from AJS Designs will be a versatile addition to your accessory wardrobe.

Fierce Look for the NIGHT…American Horror Story style

Black jeans and garnet jewelry from Andrea Barnett

Sequins and leather gal -for real or fantasy?  This is your look.  What better night to live in your fantasy?  Garnet earrings from jewelry artisan Andrea Barnett drip  with elegance and style. And even a modern witch might tuck the exquisite garnet cross necklace under her jacket, in case of……vampires?  You’ll wear this garnet jewelry all year  - one of a kind!

American Horror Story – where a witch can be quite enchanting.

American Horror Story

Some  American Horror Story witches have been around for a few….hundred…years.  Let’s go  VINTAGE. Exquisite earrings of marcasite and pearl  are from artisan jeweler Carol Lipworth! Add a statement bracelet from Liz Oie  - pearls with a vintage crystal accent.

Your bewitching American Horror Story look is not a one-night-stand.

Lose the witch hat and any of these are exquisitely flattering looks you can wear today! Use the basics from your wardrobe, and add some bewitching new jewelry!  So which witch  - American Horror Story style – will you be with  classic handcrafted jewelry?

Herkimer Diamonds? Lilly Barrack sparkles!

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Lilly Barrack

Lilly Barrack knows the Herkimer Diamond, do you? We have some new pretties from Lilly Barrack that show just how stunning a Herkimer Diamond can be.  A HERKIMER DIAMOND is a form of quartz – technically a double terminated quartz, found in dolostone in Herkimer County, New York, and the Mohawk River Valley.   Early settlers and  natives of the Mohawk tribe knew the rare stone, which  were ‘re-discovered’ in the 1800s in Middleville and Little Falls, New York. Afghanistan and Tibet also have caches of the rare stone.

Lilly Barrack shows off the beauty of Herkimer Diamonds

Lilly Barrack

Alone in these earrings, the Herkimer diamonds steal the show.  Uncut, unpolished, in their purest state, these rare stones, set in sterling silver, are showstoppers  Lilly BarrackEqually stunning is the companion ring.  These both go with anything!

Lilly Barrack lets richly colored stones flash with Herkimer Diamonds.

Lilly Barrack

A beautiful double banded polished sterling silver ring with Herkimer Diamond and beautiful Amethyst makes a lovely statement.  Lilly BarrackBlue sapphire zirconia and Herkimer Diamonds are a pop of color in this sterling silver pendant.

Lilly Barrack pairs the Herkimer Diamond with pale stones for big impact.

Lilly Barrack

Delightful aquamarine – a “water-colored” stone, paired with the rare Herkimer Diamond makes for some exquisite and flattering earrings. Lilly Barrack A beautiful raw aquamarine comes together with a Herkimer diamond in a sophisticated cocktail ring that accents any outfit.

A Herkimer Diamond with any stone makes a beautiful cocktail ring

Lilly Barrack

Coffee zirconia, abalone and an exquisite Herkimer Diamond make neutrals sing in this silver ring!

Lilly Barrack Another beautiful pairing is blue moss chalcedony with a raw Herkimer Diamond for a ring that’s sure to be remembered.

The rare and beautiful Herkimer Diamond is highlighted by Lilly Barrack’s polished sterling silver settings, and distinctive designs.  Come and pick your favorite today.   You will be delighted to wear and to share your treasure from Lilly Barrack.


SWAROVSKI crystals from AJS Designs

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AJS Designs uses the artistry exclusive to Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals  are among the finest in cut glass crystals,  made, cut and polished by the Swarovski Company, made in Austria since the late 1800s. Antique or new, the Swarovski brand is  exquisite  in jewelry and other luxury items.  One of our favorite designers, Andrea Justine Stratton, makes elegant use of these fabulous stones. Wear them to work, to dinner, weddings, all occasions!  Here’s a peek at  new items featuring Swarovski crystals from AJS Designs – all under $100!

AJS Designs

AJS Designs beautiful rings with Swarovski Crystals

Love a little bling?  What’s more fun than a big sparkly cocktail ring?  Try this beautiful design - bronze with a big teardrop Swarovksi crystal in the center and cubic zirconia accents.  Stunning! These Swarovski crystals shine in the dome shaped ring in bronze, filled with beautiful Swarovski crystals.  An eye-cathcher!

Looking for sparkly earrings? AJS Designs has some just for you!

AJS Designs

AJS Designs

Want  a vintage feel? These unique delicate crystal earrings make your look fabulous now, and any time of the year.  AJS DesignsBeautiful Swarovski crystals shine in this bronze two-piece setting, in  dangle earrings that go anywhere and everywhere! P.S. – great for gift giving with the price for all of these pieces under $100.

Delightful pendant necklaces with Swarovski crystals from AJS Designs – must-have-now!

AJS Designs

As delicate as a flower, this bronze necklace with beautiful crystals from the Swarovski company will work with any look – day to evening.AJS Designs  You’ll shine in a different look with a two piece setting and these crystals !

SWAROVSKI crystals -vintage or brand new – are  name brand, top of the line, coveted crystals for jewelry.  A wedding in your future?  Here’s a great place to start shopping.  Handcrafted in Austria, they add sparkle to your wardrobe.  Choose your favorite from these new looks by AJS Designs.

Carol Lipworth Designs Classic Jewelry

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Classic jewelryClassic  Jewelry is a great value.   It’s in style today and  will be in style for many tomorrows.  Handcrafted Classic Jewelry made of beautiful gemstones, pearls and metals make your look sing – across the seasons, the years – and even the generations. Find some CLASSICS in our selection of Carol Lipworth’s designs. Here are two necklaces layered, Peruvian opals in copper links, and three vintage brass chains.

CLASSIC Jewelry from Carol Lipworth’s VAULT!

Browsing PINTEREST, we came across Carol Lipworth’s Pinterest page  ”The Vault.”  We found timeless designs of beautiful materials that we have in stock today.Classic jewelry This delicate Victorian-inspired necklace of  baroque pearls and goldfill filigree is “Vintage Lipworth.”

So chic in Classic Jewelry from Carol LipworthClassic Jewelry

Classic JewelryMust admit – we loved seeing Amy Grant, our Nashville homegirl, wearing Carol Lipworth in Good Housekeeping Magazine !   Then check out this  necklace -Polished smoky quartz chunks with turquoise beads - on the model!   We spied this statement necklace on Carol’s website!  (it’s a scavenger hunt, but you’ll see it! We have it!)

Classic jewelry


Classic Jewelry with an on-trend twistClassic jewelry

It’s always fun to see favorite earrings,  sterling silver hoops with African vinyl discs, from her website.  They are pinned to OUR PINTEREST Board.

CLASSIC JEWELRY from Carol Lipworth  on our “WEAR IT” board on Pinterest!

Classic Jewelry

There are  classics from Carol on her  Pinterest boards and our “Wear It” board.  Meet  another website-friend POLYVORE.  We go there to put together great looking, wearable outfits, and post many to Pinterest and Facebook.  We often post the outfits of other Polyvore lovers that are great classic looks – and some trendy too!  It’s like grown-up paperdolls, so fun!

Count on Carol Lipworth – and other artisans – for Classic Jewelry you’ll love.


OCTOBER is wedding month – you’ll need bridal jewelry!

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For the bride,  mothers,  wedding party, and guests, we have fantastic  Bridal Jewelry to MAKE your look! June is the most popular wedding month, says a survey by The Knot and “The Wedding Channel.”  October’s not far behind. If you are an autumn  bride, guest, or thinking ahead, we have your fabulous” wedding look” !

Bridal Jewelry is an instant heirloom!

Bridal Jewelry

Mothers love to say “I wore this on MY wedding day.”   YOUR  favorite bride  wants to say those same words one day.  This classic Art Deco inspired pendant from Julie Romanenko at Just Jules will be treasured on the BIG day and for years to come. There’s no better day to wear an heirloom locket, or a classic pendant -check out the ones from Adel Chefridi!


Bridal Jewelry

Something BLUE?  Bridal Jewelry in the most popular wedding color

Bridal Jewelry

You need  something BLUE, whatever the season.   Blue Topaz earrings from Judy Bliss are delicate and classic, sure to be worn after the wedding is a memory!  Bridal JewelryFrom jewelry artisan Suzy Landa,  milky aquamarines set in white gold  make a blue statement for any lovely lady on the wedding day and days ahead!Bridal Jewelry Simple teardrop earrings from Maya J - classic!

PURPLE is the second most popular wedding color! Add it in Bridal Jewelry.

Bridal Jewelry

Amethyst drop earrings in purple shades from Urban Links will splash the popular color for all!  Bridal JewelryThis one-of-a-kind pendant in amethyst with a rosary style chain from Andrea Barnett is ideal Bridal Jewelry, and perfect with your favorite looks later.

Bridal Jewelry = Pearls!  Always classic, always beautiful!

Bridal Jewelry

Pearls go with everything!  No better day to wear them than wedding day! “Bellissima” earrings of Japanese freshwater pearls  from artisan Cynthia Bloom are beautiful “special day” earrings! Bridal Jewelry From Carol Lipworth, this beautiful bracelet of crystals and Baroque pearls will accent any wedding look!

Whatever the color, whatever the season Bridal Jewelry is always in style.

Rosary Style Chain from Andrea Barnett….and other fun designers

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Andrea Barnett The ROSARY CHAIN, used often by jewelry artisan Andrea Barnett , AJS Designs  and many others  is a chain  embellished with stones evenly placed, sometimes varying in size at regular intervals.  This chain has long been used as a hand held aid to count the number and sequence of prayers offered, especially in the Roman Catholic faith.   The rosary  chain is used in jewelry simply because it is such a beautiful  and classic piece, drawing on ancient tradition and classic style!

ANDREA BARNETT – beautiful  rosary chain necklaces!Andrea  Barnett

The rosary chain adds sparkle to many creations by Andrea Barnett.  This pendant is a vintage Czech button.  The garnet embellisAndrea Barnetthments on the rosary chain add to its elegance.  Two rosary style strands of pyrite  highlight  8 red bronze medals. Andrea BarnettThe multi-chain necklace is highlighted by a labradorite rosary  chain,

Rosary style chains are popular with more than Andrea Barnett – check out AJS Designs!

Andrea Barnett AJSAndrea Justine Stratton,  of AJS Designs. like Andrea Barnett and other artisans, enhances the beautify of a pendant with a rosary style chain.  A beautiful smoky crystal quartz and vermeil chain enhances  the smoky quartz  drop from vermeil heart.

Cynthia Bloom & Miller Canning use the rosary style chain too  - like Andrea Barnett to enhance a beautiful pendant

Andrea Barnett

Jewelry artisan Cynthia Bloom uses a tourmaline rosary style chain to enhance a sparkly druzy pendant.  Andrea Barnett Artisan Miller Canning showcases an exquisite pendant with an iolite rosary chaiANNA BALKAN uses rosary chain to highlight a necklace bursting with color!

Andrea BarnettWith a white flower and turquoise accent, Anna Balkan uses a beautiful rosary chain in her signature “Kelly necklace.

Come and pick a rosary chain that’s perfect for you. Many artisans including Andrea Barnett recognize the classic beauty there.


NEW from Lilly Barrack

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Lilly Barrack

New treasures from Lilly Barrack!  Artisan designed and hand crafted,  Lilly’s pieces are made of polished sterling silver and brilliant stones, some polished, others rough cut.  Take a peek at some  new things from Lilly Barrack.

Distinctive Rings from Lilly Barrack

Lilly Barrack

Amethyst and Herkimer Diamonds come together in sterling silver in an exquisite statement ring!  At the other end of the color spectrum is this rough cut citrine with rich coffee zirconia. For color and a bold Lilly Barrack statement, a RING is a great place to start, and we have more! 

Lilly Barrack brings color to fabulous earrings!

Lilly BarrackSapphire blue zirconia set in sterling silver “S” shape make these earrings a great addition to your wardrobe!  Lilly BarrackPolished sterling silver and amethyst drops make a delicate but powerful statement.  You’ll love the accent and the impact from these distinctive earrings.

Cuff Bracelet right on trend from Lilly Barrack.

Lilly BarrackWe have several cuffs from Lilly’s studio.  This one with rough cut aquamarines and Herkimer diamonds is the newest addition!  Come  look and choose your favorite.

Charming pendant necklaces on the signature ball chain of Lilly Barrack

Pretty pretty necklaces – so hard to pick just one.  Lilly BarrackRough cut citrine and coffee zirconia pendant is a beautiful and subtle statement.  Lilly BarrackPicked two - whimsical silver setting for a rough cut amethyst - couldn’t resist!

You can count on Lilly Barrack to make a distinctive and bold statement

You can count on the silver settings to be sterling silver!  You can expect the pendants to be on sterling silver ball chains.  You will be delighted to see the juxtaposition of polished metal, polished and rough cut stones.  You can count on Lilly Barrack jewelry to be eye-catching and always noticed!  Count on a Lilly Barrack statement that accents your great look!

Layered necklaces the simple way – one necklace many chains from Andrea Barnett and other jewelry artists!

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Stay on trend with the layered look in jewelry – necklaces of different or similar styles and lengths worn together done with intricacy by jewelry artisan Andrea Barnett and others like Ayala Bar and Carol Lipworth.  Make accessorizing easy – choose a single necklace and eliminate the age old question “Does this go with this” and let the jewelry artisans layer the necklaces.

Andrea Barnett layers delicate chains

Andrea Barnett

Seven strands of airy elegance include glass pearls and  crystals on rosary style chains and vintage chains with a single bronze medal. The 32″ length of this necklace makes it a good choice to add another short necklace for even more layering fun.Andrea Barnett  Two lovely vintage chains and the St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Sacred Heart Medal, with a crucifix and rich blue St. Theresa Medal  accent show the beauty layers bring.

Like Andrea Barnett, Ayala Bar uses layers for impact!

Known for her inventive use of color, eclectic style and diverse materials used in inventive ways, Ayala Bar creates intricate layers of color and media.  Andrea Barnett Ayala BarThe Central Park necklace is a colorful example of layers of materials and colors to add impact. Andrea Barnett, Ayala Bar Ayala Bar also makes coordinating collections, like the Wild Orchid necklaces  encouraging the layering of different necklaces – layers on top of layers!

Keep it simple – one necklace, many layers

Andrea BarnettJewelry artisan Carol Lipworth uses five strands of turquoise , chains and a black silk cord chain to make a beautiful multi-layered statement.

Check  Andrea Barnett for a layered look!Andrea Barnett

What a fabulous necklace! Vintage chains, rosary chains, medals…layered in the easiest way.  Come get your favorite layered look, maybe this one from Andrea Barnett.


FALL COLOR from your favorite designers

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We all know about leaf-peeping and fall color! Add splashes of color to your summer-to-fall wardrobe.

Red + Orange = Carnelian for fall colorFall Color

Carnelian is in the CHALCEDONY family.  Iron oxide adds   red – orange – brown tones.  Grace George Jewelry has  beautiful necklaces, this one three free-form chunks in a lariat necklace.  Fall ColorAndrea Barnett has some carnelian earrings you will want – bad – like these polished stones on vermeil posts.

Green for all seasons – THIS one – fall colorFall Color

Chrysoprase is a favorite green stone,another member of the chalcedony family.  Because it’s so rare, you’ll treasure yours!  These chrysoprase teardrop earrings from Christine Howell have threads of golden brown throughout.

Golden yellow is a day brightener in the fall

Fall ColorCitrine, a variety of quartz, glows in this sterling silver ring, paired with coffee zirconia  from Lilly Barrack. Fall Color Single drop faceted citrine earrings from Maya J are sure to pop!

Rich Purple – there’s no time like NOW to add this popular fall color!Fall ColorFall Color

Judy Bliss has some richly colored pieces, like these amethyst drop earrings with cluster accents.  We have a three strand amethyst necklace that coordinates. From Urban Links,  amethyst drops  are so versatile.

Don’t miss bright tones of turquoise and aqua for great fall color!

Fall Color

Deep aqua and turquoise tones look fabulous for fall – a great way to add some unexpected color!  Carol Lipworth’s chrysacalla  pendant on vermeil chain  is perfect! The muted tones of the green agate cocktail ring from AJS Designs is a great accent this season and all year long.

Full-on BLAST of  fall color?Fall Color


Let’s go with a double strand jeweltone pendant necklace, and it’s sister jeweltone pieces,  from artisan Michal Golan. Fall Color OR…anything from Anna Balkan, like this multigem wrapped bracelet in a riot of colors.

It’s  no time to shy away from  fall color – bring it on with beautiful pieces from Artisan Design Gallery.