Elisabetta Ricciardi

"The Elisabetta Ricciardi Jewelry Collection is a wearable mosaic of Ricciardi's life, travel and loves -- works that draw from a childhood in Napoli and her family home in medieval Toscany as much as they do Classical Antiquity and her life as a mother and artist."

Ricciardi's experiences and travels, from Toscany and the Mediterranean to her home in Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts, have shaped her approach to her jewelry. Inspired by the small treasures in a wooden box she cherished as a child, Ricciardi creates artisan, hand made jewelry that reflects her childhood experiences and her dynamic life as an artist.

Ricciardi travels to Toscany several times a year to oversee the final crafting of her designs. The Ricciardi collection is hand made to her exact specifications using hand-painted glass, crystals and fabric inspired by the elegance and magic she encountered as a child, offering a timelessness to all her pieces of original jewelry.

Artist bio courtesy of Elisabetta Ricciardi

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    Total Items: 60

      Total Items: 60

      Elisabetta Ricciardi
      • CountryItaly
      • InspirationElisabetta is great-granddaughter of the Count of Camaldoli of Italy.
      • Tid Bit 2As a child, she played in her grandmother's villa, a home visited by artistic luminaries like Rossini, Bellini and Dumas.
      • Tid Bit 3Her favorite place on earth is the Amalfi Coast.
      • ““One particular thing was very dear to me: a huge, beautiful, wooden box filled with broken pieces of jewelry and buttons of every color, shape and origin. I was inspired.”

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