Angel Court

The Angel Court Jewels collection is a collaboration of artistic expression by designers Angela Burgess and Courtney Taylor. With backgrounds in fashion and art, they have united to create jewelry using antique estate pieces and nontraditional objects. Both designers have deep roots in the South, but have traveled extensively and their experiences are reflected in their eclectic designs and views of the world around them. Combining antique elements with modern ideas gives their jewelry a romantic sensibility yet rock 'n roll edge.

The Angel Court Jewels Collection has a vast national and international following as well as being featured in many renowned fashion publications. You will also see Angel Court Jewels adorning the necks and wrists of many celebrities.

Artist bio courtesy of Angel Court

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    Total Items: 34

    SOLD Emerald Crystals Vintage Chain
    $55.00 (Was $110.00)
    SOLD Vintage Glass Pearl Dangles
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      Total Items: 34

      Angel Court
      • InspirationAngela loves to pick up things from the curb, play tennis, play pool - all of which go well with beer.
      • Tid Bit 2Courtney has a degree in psychology and nursing, and has been a flight attendant.
      • Tid Bit 3Angela almost lost her toe in a rat trap in a second hand shop in Claremore, Oklahoma, but she found some interesting materials that she used in jewelry!
      • “ Combining antique elements with modern ideas gives Angel Court jewelry a romantic sensibility with a rock 'n roll edge.”

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